I love participating in Round Robin Swaps with my quilting friends. Most of these have been with friends that I've made over the internet in various groups that I'm a part of. One of the reasons I love participating in Round Robins is because each one is different and they all make me grow in my abilities as a quilter. Below are pictures of the finished quilts that I've made from the various Round Robins I've been in.
Shortly after joining a great quilting mail list I joined a Round Robin that they were just starting. In thinking about what I wanted to make, I decided to go for something a wee bit more bright than I would usually send for a round robin swap. The quilt turned out to be gorgeous and I love it. Thanks go to Susan W., Lucy R. and Diane I. for all of the great rounds they added to it. And to Susan N. for the great quilting job.
One year I was involved with 2 different Round Robin groups at the same time. For the first one I made an applique block with a snowman scene that I designed. The inspiration came from some cute Christmas wrapping paper. Tami I., Diane I., Sharon K., and Faye G. all made wonderful additions to my quilt. Susan N. quilted it for me and did her usual wonderful job. I must admit though that I still haven't figured out how to hang it, so it drapes over one of the chairs in living room.
For the second Round Robin I sent a Patriotic Angel block I had received from a year long swap of Angel blocks I had participated in a couple of years prior. Thanks to Lois G., Cathy B., and Sue T. for the great additions to my quilt. I quilted this one, using a varigated thread.
The first Round Robin I was in took place during the time that I was in Boston as a 2nd-year graduate student attending Northeastern University. The theme I chose for this round robin was Boston itself - I wanted a reminder of the area that I had grown to love while attending school there. I made the block with the silhoutte of the Boston Skyline behind the bridge over the Charles River. Some of the things depicted in it include the Boston Aquarium, the Swan Boats and Boston Gardens, the Boston Subway, and other scenes from the Boston area.
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